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LifeSize® Icon 600™
LifeSize® Icon 600™

Great for any meeting room environment, the LifeSize Icon system is so easy to use that anyone can walk right into a room and be on their video conference, with the single push of a button, in just seconds. Features such as consolidated meeting schedules and pop-up reminders will ensure that you never miss a meeting again. Integrated meeting listings let you quickly search for and join meetings on demand. And name-based directories and enhanced search functionality provide you quick and easy access to the person you want to connect with.

  • Overview

    Simple and Easy-to-Use

    LifeSize Icon systems are designed for a radically simplified user experience. Everything you need for a robust communication experience is easy to find on screen and naturally follows what you want to do.

    Expandable and Flexible

    Designed to adapt to your changing business needs, you can upgrade software and accessories at any time. Whether you’d like to expand your environment with multiple displays, upgrade your performance or add new functionality like recording or multiparty calling, LifeSize Icon Series offers investment protection to future-proof your growing business.

    Integrated with the LifeSize UVC Platform

    Experience the benefits of powerful, integrated infrastructure applications powered by the LifeSize UVC Platform**. Simplified setup and provisioning allow IT teams to turn on streaming and recording capabilities, manage the network, securely traverse NAT/firewalls, support multiparty video calls and enable new video functionality quickly as your needs change.

    ** Requires LifeSize UVC Platform, available as virtualized machine software or hardware.

    High Performance, Powerful Experience

    Enjoy the most advanced, highest performing HD video conferencing experience, that is also easy-to-use. HD 1080p60 video support provides ultimate clarity and fluid motion, while the 1080p presentation capability showcases unmatched detail for promoting collaboration.

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